How to Choose the Right Partitions for Your Office

glass partition

There are a plethora of considerations you need to partition your office in Perth. You may have come to the decision to partition to give your employees a little privacy as they work. You may also be seeking to create a certain look in your office.

You can go for walls made of glass or timber to create the partitions you need or you can go for the mobile panels that are simply slotted together to create walls. Whichever choice you make, you will need to consider the space you have and what is best for it.

What You Need to Consider

Fortunately, in order to achieve whichever effect you are striving for, you do not need to clear your business account.  However, there are a few considerations you need to think about before you put your partitions in. 

Do You Need to Sound Proof?

Many workplaces require quiet zones for business calls as well as private meetings. Many of these meetings are sensitive enough to consider completely sound-proofing a room but some just need to have the noise level reduced.

You may also need to partition off an area for lively meetings especially if you have a creative division in your company. Another reason section a station is to ensure that there are different sections for different departments to work in.

In order for noise to be reduced, you must choose partition materials that control sound. Glass partitions and wooden ones are alright and many offices use them. However, plasterboard partitions are just as good with noise control. A great quality in its favour is that it has many options with regard to aesthetics.

If your main concern is to control or reduce noise in the office, then glass, wooden or plasterboard partitions can work for you. Professionals such Mode Partitions can help you with your office partition needs.

Set Your Brand Apart        

You can choose to have your partitions express every aspect of your brand. Having the partitions painted with the company colours and the mission and vision of the company written on them is one way to ensure that happens.

Enhance the Office Culture

Certain colours and materials can help to improve your work environment and create a working culture in the workplace. There are colours which are known to improve the mood as well as the tone of the office.

You must, however, think about your industry and the type of work culture you hope to encourage. An office can be lively and vibrant or calm abs soothing depending on the colours you choose to incorporate in your partitioning.

Once you have decided on the mode and tone you want in your workplace, then you can choose the colours and materials that will bring out that culture.

Your Budget

While planning your budget, consider the long-term with regard to the direction your business is taking. If you plan to only stay in the building you occupy for a short time, then click on partitions are your best bet because they are easy to disassemble. If you are there for the long run, then longer-lasting partitions will serve you well.


Let your interior designer know what your long and short-term plans are so they can advise you on the best alternatives to take. Mode Partitions will partner with you to ensure that your partitions of choice are the best option for your office.

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